Publication: Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) Cross-Americas Conference 2016
Publication Type: Conference Proceedings. Project.
Conference Location: Santiago, Chile

Article Title: rolyPOLY: A hybrid prototype for digital craft
Authors: Andrew John Wit + Simon Kim
Publication Date: June, 2016
Page Number: N/A

Abstract: The rapid emergence of computational design tools and advanced methods for robotic fabrication within the academic and professional design environments has allowed some designers an immense freedom in form and assembly, while retaining a great level of control in output quality throughout the entirety of the design and fabrication process. Simultaneously, the complexity associated with some of these tools and processes can at times lead to the production of methodologies, geometries and artifacts deeply embedded with residues from the tools and processes utilized during their production. This project investigates the design potentials and inherent advantages held within these rapidly evolving tools and processes as a means of blurring the lines between human and machine. Through the lens of an innovative wound carbon fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) installation (rolyPOLY) realized during the winter of 2015 by means of an interdisciplinary collaboration between Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania, this completed project shows the exigencies and affordances between the realms of digital and analog.