Publication: Advances in Architectural Geometry (AAG)
Publication Type: Book Chapter
Conference Location: Zurich, Switzerland 

Article Title: The Underwood Pavilion. A parametric tensegrity structure
Authors: Andrew John Wit,​​​​​​​ Gernot Riether
Publication Date: September, 2016
Page Number: 188-203
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AbstractRecent advances in real-time structural analysis has given architects the freedom to design and manufacture forms and structures that previously would have been difficult if not impossible to achieve. These advances, until recently had not been seen as a driving force within the area of asymmetrically designed tensegrity structures. This paper will present a new design method that is integrating analysis tools into a computational design process. Through the lens of the recently completed Underwood Pavilion, this paper will demonstrated how this process of designing tensegrity structures can be streamlined. This process will allow for greater access to such structures and a higher level of flexibility in designing tensegrity systems by the design community at large. Acting as a case study, the Underwood Pavilion will describe a process where traditional methods of form finding are complimented by a new parametric approach to design tensegrity based lightweight structures and envelope systems.