Publication: Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia (CAADRIA)
Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Conference Location: Daegu, South Korea.

Article Title: Pedagogy of Architectural Robotics. An inconvenient studio for unsolicited innovation
Authors: Andrew John Wit, Mahesh Daas
Publication Date: May, 2015
Page Number: 3-12.
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Abstract: As computation and robotics become more prevalent in all aspects of architecture, their impact on education assumes greater importance. The paper presents the outcomes of a collaborative undergraduate architectural design studio that investigates the realms of architectural robotics and computation by stepping into the fecund intersections between multiple disciplines. The pedagogical prototype, Unsolicited: An Inconvenient Studio, broadly focused on the topics of robotics and responsive architectures. The notion of robotics was interpreted to include a range of robotic technologies and their formal manifestations in the form of biomorphic, mechanomorphic, polymorphic, and amorphic robots, and interactive architecture. Taught using a recently developed framework that focuses on self-organizing systems and the creation of innovative technology-driven design entrepreneurs rather than merely on the creation of designed artifacts, students found themselves not only innovating with new digital technologies but also bridging architecture, urbanism and computer science. The paper describes the pedagogy, processes, and outcomes of the studio.​​​​​​​