Publication: Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe)
Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Conference Location: Vienna, Austria.

Article Title: The One Day House. Intelligent systems for adaptive buildings
Authors: Andrew John Wit
Publication Date: August, 2015
Page Number: 643-650.
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Abstract: As the global population continues to climb and environmental conditions become further unpredictable, the creation of a more robust, intelligent, adaptable yet affordable housing system will become an evermore-significant issue. Existing housing typologies find themselves lagging behind other industries such as aerospace and even automotive, lacking advanced fabrication infrastructures as well as embedded intelligent technologies that could allow for: Global interconnectivity and or manipulation, automatic software/hardware updating and physical/computational adaptability. The use of advanced tools for manufacturing resembling industrial robotics, 3D printing and as well as intelligent fabrication systems currently remains nearly non-existent. Constructed using outdated design methodologies, materials and construction techniques, the current dwelling functions merely as an enclosure for life rather then an integrated system for information, comfort and commerce. This paper questions the current typology of "house" through the rethinking of not only form and material, but by reimagining the dwelling as a whole. Rather then observing the dwelling as a static form for infrastructural permanence, this paper redefines the home as a globalized commodity, which is both physically and technologically connected and adaptable.