Publication: International Journal of Architectural Computing
Publication Type: Edited Journal + Editorial

Article Title: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Architecture
Authors: Andrew John Wit, Lauren Vasey, Vera Parlac, Mara Marcu, Wassim Jabi, David Gerber, Mahesh Daas, Marc Clayton
Publication Date: Volume 3. No.1, 2018
Editorial Page Number: 245- 247
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Abstract:   Autonomy, agency, and indeterminacy indicate systemic abilities for goal setting and operational strategy—concepts closely associated not only with the performative aspects of architectural interventions but also with the nature of the techniques and tools that produce them. These terms might imply an enhanced relationship between architecture, its inhabitants, and its environment; a complex link between architecture, its production, and its tools; or a capacity of architecture to produce new conditions and grounds on which it could be engaged. This issue takes a closer look at artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in architecture.