Publication: ROBOT 2015: Second Iberian Robotics Conference
Publication Type: Chapter in Springer Advances in Robotics Series.. 

Article Title: Human Interaction-Oriented Robotic Form Generation
Authors: Andrew John Wit,​​​​​​​ Daniel Eisinger + Steven Putt
Publication Date: January, 2016
Page Number: 353-364
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Abstract: Within the discipline of architecture, the exploration and integration of robotics has recently become an area of rapid development and investment. But with the current majority of architectural robotics research focused primarily around the realms of digital fabrication and biologic form/material optimization, there are few examples of direct translation from human generated data to form and processes, particularly as it pertains to the human experience of, and the interaction with architectural artifacts. Through a series of three case studies each building upon the previous, this paper investigates how the interconnection of secondary, smaller data harvesting/translating robotic systems in collaboration with larger industrial systems can be integrated within the conceptual design workflow to allow for the creation of unique/interactive tools for the materialization of human interaction through design, robotic control, and fabrication.