Publication: Sociedade Ibero-Americana de Grafica Digital (SIGRADI)
Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Conference Location: Montevideo, Uruguay.

Article Title: Investigations in Robotic Urbanism: Rediscovering urban space through interactive, data driven installations
Authors: Andrew John Wit
Publication Date: December, 2014
Page Number: 328-332.
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Abstract: Existing typologies of emergency housing rely heavily on conventional designs, materials and labor-intensive construction methodologies, which in post-disaster environments place large amounts of strain on the surrounding communities, material manufacturers and financial systems. With ever more unpredictable environmental conditions, should our new housing prototypes not also have the ability to simultaneously adapt to rapidly changing environmental conditions? This paper investigates the potential of developing a new typology of rapidly deployable emergency housing prototypes through the creation of a system which relies on embedded design intelligence, advanced fabrication and adaptable systems, rather then attempting to make existing building systems smarter.