Publication: Sociedade Ibero-Americana de Grafica Digital (SIGRADI)
Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Conference Location: Florianopolis, Brasil.

Article Title: Redefining the Parametric Pedagogy. Reflections on a digital design build studio
Authors: Andrew John Wit + Gernot Riether
Publication Date: December, 2015
Page Number: 713-718.
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Abstract: During the summer of 2014, a unique pedagogical prototype was initiated and tested through a short five-week digital design build workshop lead by Professors Gernot Riether and Andrew John Wit at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Unlike the typical design studio typology where projects are initiated through a series of top down predetermined project frameworks, this studio allowed for projects to emerge through student’s navigating an area of research in digital design and fabrication. The studio was supplied by nothing more than an entrepreneurial mindset, initial budget and the requirement that an architectural project would be realized at full-scale by the end of the semester. Over the course of the semester, students tested, stumbled and pressed through a series of follies and prototypes that resulted in the realization of the Underwood Pavilion. This paper explores a novel design pedagogy, through the lens of this Digital Design Build Studio.​​​​​​​