Publication: Sociedade Ibero-Americana de Grafica Digital (SIGRADI)
Publication Type: Conference Proceedings
Conference Location: Florianopolis, Brasil.

Article Title: Investigations in Robotic Urbanism: Rediscovering urban space through interactive, data driven installations
Publication Date: December, 2015
Page Number: 761-766.
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Abstract: This paper examines the redefinition of public urban space through the evaluation and implementation of a series of globally interconnected interactive & robotic kiosks. Through the utilization and deciphering of relevant urban big data, “Public Sphere” creates a new tangible layer within the urban fabric accessed through local and global reactive interfaces that exposes the “contemporary” urban dweller to a network of urban ecologies that had previously remained hidden or overlooked. Through a series of studies examining the relationship between “Users, Robot & Global Network”, this paper outlines the processes and inquiries that inform the current location of this ongoing research.​​​​​​​