PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Andrew John Wit + Simon Bussiere
PROJECT STATUS: Competition Entry
     1. 2015 SIGRADI conference proceedings.
DESCRIPTION: The“Public Sphere” inserts a new dynamic layer of information and interaction within the city that was previously nonexistent. Though the revealing of inconspicuous urban ecological information and by fostering social exchange and interactivity, this projects breaks down the typical typology of urban kiosk into fun and flexible urban furniture with the ability to connect individual nodes globally rather than functioning as a purely visual singular artifact. Public Sphere explores the creation of adaptable, kinetic and intelligent architectural networks and forms through the development and implementation of intelligent interfaces, innovative/low-cost materials and methodologies for urban intelligent networks. Rather than attempting to make previous technologies, materials and fabrication processes "smarter", this project investigates design intelligence as a process, which goes far beyond the creation of so called "smart" artifacts which only react to localized users, while also reevaluating the entire process of such scales of design
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