Exhibition Title: I, Nobot. AI and the End of Architecture?
EXHIBITORS: Andrew John Wit + 49 artists
Venue: French & Michigan Gallery. San Antonio, TX
Status: December 05, 2015 - January 30, 2016
CNC Prints: Andrew John Wit
In an effort to encourage the community to buy artwork during the holiday season, Director Billy Lambert invites 50 artists from the region to participate in the gallery's second exhibition 50 Artists / 250 Works.
For 50 / 250, artists are selected to submit five works each for a total of 250 objects, each priced at $250. All artworks are 8 x 8 inch works on paper made by architects, ceramicists, collagists, designers, mixed media artists, painters, photographers, printmakers, sculptors, and woodworkers. Buyers are able to take works immediately upon purchase through the run of the exhibition.

Exhibition @ F&M

Exhibition @ F&M

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Print Two on Hand Made Paper

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