Exhibit Title: Checked-In/Checked-Out
Exhibitors: Andrew John Wit, Christopher McAdams
Venue: Tyler School of Art & Architecture Lobby Gallery.  
Dates: January-March 2022.
DESCRIPTION: Checked in / Checked out is a dance between the digital and physical, the natural and synthetic -- beckoning viewers to physically re-engage with others while enhancing the experience of interior space through augmented reality. 
From the outside, traditional forms are slightly skewed and materialized through texture, color, and pops of greenery. A rough wood skin embraces two volumes – one studded with plant-filled vases angled in ordered formation and another encompassing a smooth magenta bench that invites casual interactions while guiding the viewer to the rear entrance. Wrapping the corner, the hue of the bench expands vertically, puncturing the roof and creating a welcoming entry. 
While the exterior speaks to the physicality of its own built form, its materiality, and its relationship to the viewer, the interior is sleek, quiet, intimate and personal. It focuses attention on the inhabitant and their relationship to others. The interior surfaces provide a canvas for an enriched sensory experience, transporting inhabitants away from the endless digital meeting and into environments of wonderment.


The Bench

From Above


Front Facade

Living Wall

Interior Projection Mapping

Interior Seating

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