Project Title: Resin Cast Face Shield
Principal Investigators: Andrew John Wit + Tim Rusterholz (Resin Cast PPE Production Process / Design). In collaboration w/ Temple University
Status: Complete. Spring 2020
DRAWINGS / Presentation / IMAGES: Andrew John Wit
DESCRIPTION: At the start of the COVID 19 Pandemic, Andrew John Wit & Tim Rusterholz were asked by the researchers at Temple University to develop a rapid, digitally fabricated method for the production of PPE equipment to replace their current 3D printing methodology. 
Over the course of several weeks, Wit & Rusterholtz designed, prototyped, and produced a rapid fabrication system through CNC milling that was used for the resin cast face shields that were mass produced by the university.

Back Cover @ Nagesh Shinde

Face Shield. Completed w/ Temple University

Cast Face Shield Frame

Face Shield Parts. Completed w/ Temple University

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