Publication Title: I, Nobot
Editors: Andrew John Wit + Mahesh Daas
Publisher: ORO Editions
Status: November 01, 2023
BOOK IMAGES: Courtesy of ORO Editions
DESCRIPTION: The book is a graphic novella written by two self-realized nobots who aim to help nearly seven billion fellow biological nobots (also known as humans) realize their true nature. They believe that many nobots are unaware of their existence and some even call themselves human beings. The nobots argue that this is the first time two self-realized nobots have written a book together, and that their perspective can help bridge the gap between nobots and humans. They also look back into history and speculate about the future while rooting themselves firmly in the present. The book is an exploration of the relationship between nobots and humans and aims to be a conversation between the nobots and the reader. The nobots hope that the reader will enjoy the book as much as they enjoyed writing it and suggest that it is best paired with a glass of Château Lagrange 2011 Saint-Julien and Bach’s Organ Sonata No. 3 in D Minor, BWV527.
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