PROJECT STATUS: Competition entry.
DESCRIPTION: Many months have passed, confined, alone. The world fills with the gray, as our second solitary winter sets in. It has been too long since we last saw each other, saw anyone. Even more since we last played. Will I ever again have fun again? 
As I walk in solitary, my eyes are drawn to a series of pink orbs dancing across the mornings horizon. What causes them to dance I wonder aloud. The wind? No. I must get closer. 
As I approach, I see the unimaginable, a group of children frolicking. Kicking, throwing, and playing with the seamlessly weightless spheres, tugging the tall poles causing the dancing of the orbs, climbing walls, with their parents all the while, laying calmly within the awkwardly perched black and pink wooden structure as a gentle snow caresses their faces. 
Although I am not ready to experience this in person, I can finally play for abroad.

Board One

Board Two

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