Publication Type: Edited Book. ACADIA 2018 Paper Proceedings
Publication Title: Recalibration on Imprecision and Infidelity. Paper Proceedings
Editors: Andrew John Wit, Marcella Del Signore + Phillip Anzalone
Publisher: ACADIA. IngramSpark
Status: Complete. October 2018.
DESCRIPTION: Contained in this years paper proceedings are an unbiased mixed of the precise/ imprecise and the computationally faithful/unfaithful. The juxtaposition of this seeming contradictory research and/or projects paints a picture of a broadening computational discourse at the intersection of art, science and technology.

The presented research mediates physical, digital, virtual and mixed realities, bridges scales from the singular material compounds to the complex conglomerations associated with the urban environment, and all the while pushing against the limits of design both on Earth and beyond.

This year's conference calls into question how we within the disciplines of architecture and design as well as those outside view the role of computation, production and advanced technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence within architecture, design and the built environment.

Proceedings Book Front, Side + Back Covers

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