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Publication Type: Edited Book. ACADIA 2018 Projects Catalog
Publication Title: Recalibration on Imprecision and Infidelity. Projects Catalog
Editors: Andrew John Wit, Marcella Del Signore + Phillip Anzalone
Publisher: ACADIA. IngramSpark
Status: Complete. October 2018.
Description: The Project Catalogue for the ACADIA 2018 Conference presents a body of work that exists within the recalibrated, exposing a series of novel fringe boundaries and emerging opportunities for the implementation of computational applied research in architecture and design.

In this volume, multiple design trajectories are offered as means to fully embrace the 'controlled' and the 'uncontrolled', not as a binary dichotomy of exclusion, but rather as a process of reconciliation. The presented work aims to uncover and celebrate these recalibrated processes of design/ production within the current discourse of computation in design.

The volume is organized in distinct sections, not conceived as separated entities, but rather, as co-dependent registrations of recalibrated forms of applied research in architectural practice. The sections are as follows: Award Winners and Keynote Speakers, Exhibition Projects, and Peer-Reviewed Projects..

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