Publication Title: Towards a Robotic Architecture
Editors: Andrew John Wit + Mahesh Daas
Publisher: Applied Research + Design Publishing. ORO Editions
Status: February 2018.
DESCRIPTION: The field of robotics is coming of age. Robotics and artificial intelligence represent the next cutting edge technology that will transform the fields of architecture and design. The past decade’s surge towards more computationally defined building systems and highly adaptable open-source design software has left the field ripe for the integration of robotics whether through large-scale building production or through more intelligent/adaptive building systems. Through this surge, architecture has not only been greatly influenced by these emerging technologies, but has also begun influencing other disciplines in unexpected ways. 
Towards a Robotic Architecture provides systems of classification, categorization and taxonomies of robotics in architecture so that a more systematic and holistic body of work can take place while addressing the multifarious aspects of possible research and production. With research in this area in its infancy, this publication brings together the worlds leading scholars, designers and technologists as they define their positions along the four frameworks for architectural robotics, creating the first scholarly treatment of a broad range of robotics research within the architecture and design fields. Towards a Robotic Architecture addresses how architectural robotics can open up unique and innovative possibilities both within architecture and related disciplines.

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Table of Contents

Introduction. Wit + Daas

Being, Thinking, Doing, Becoming. Mahesh Daas

Robotic Production in Architecture. Wit + Daas

Fibrous Tectonics. Achim Menges Jan Knippers

From Architecture to Wearables. Behnaz Farahi

Rise of the Servant Zombies. Michael Silver


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