PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS: Andrew John Wit + Gernot Riether
STUDENT RESEARCHERS: Noor Al-Noori, Andrew Heilman, Chris Hinders, Charles Koers, Huy Nguyen, Nick Peterson, Steven Putt + Ashley Urbanowich
EXHIBITIONS: Muncie Makes Lab. Summer 2014; Underwood Ranch. 2014-2017
DESCRIPTION: The qualities and potentials of a post-industrial landscape were celebrated though a traveling pavilion attracting people to places that are currently not considered public space. The the pavilion was located close to Muncie, a city of 70,000 inhabitants in central Indiana. Teamed up with the local art community the pavilion was used to kick off their monthly First Thursday Art Event, which expanded public interaction and awareness into the cities surrounding post-industrial landscape. Through negotiations with local property owners, private property was turned into a unique art-destination.
The pavilion illustrates how current digital design tools such as Kangaroo can be utilized to design new forms of modular based lightweight structural envelopes. The team of faculty and students learned how design effectiveness could be achieved within a process that is characterized by a parallel feedback of digital and physical models, prototypes and structural simulation.

Pavilion Model

Model Detail

Pavilion Assembly

Pavilion Assembly

Above the Clouds

Touching Down

Inside the Pavilion

Across the Lake

Alone at Night

Main Entry

From the Side

Light Touch


Enjoying the Night Atmosphere

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